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Cleaning Polygrain

One of the many benefits of HDPE is that it is water resistant and very easy to clean. HDPE can be cleaned regularly using a standard soap and water solution.

  • Using soap and fresh water, wipe down the material with a soft clean towel

  • If there is debris on the surface, spray off the affected area first with a hose

  • If necessary, remove excess dirt and debris by scrubbing with a soft brush or sponge

  • Allow the material to air dry or use a soft towel

  • For tougher soiled areas, use 1/2 cup of household detergent and 1 gallon of water to break down the stains

  • A pressure washer with no greater than 2000 psi may be used to remove dirt, dust, or other types of airborne particulates. Do not direct the spray close to the furniture. (less than 8”)

  • Avoid using chemical cleaners, sprays and hard scrubbers which can be abrasive to the material

Follow these recommendations when cleaning any HDPE products from SIMONA AMERICA Industries, including:


  • BOATBOARD® Lightweight

  • BOATBOARD®Anti-slip

  • Polytone®

  • Polygrain®


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